Workshops 2017

During the 2’nd Gryf Tango Marathon you will have opportunity to take part in workshops led by famous tango teachers.

Magdalena Myszka

She became passionate about Tango in 2009. From that time she has been learning and practicing very hard. She became devoted to dancing with all its aspects, including participating and performing in many international events, looking for technics, teaching others, running Milonga dance events, dancing almost every day. Her Maestros are Javier Rodriguez, Moira Castellano and Gaston Torelli, Sebastian Achaval and Roxana Suarez , Stefania Colina and Juan Martin Carrara, they have the biggest influence on her style. She collaborated with Damian Thompson, Ney Melo, Łukasz Wiśniewski, Viacheslav Ivanov and Facundo Peñalva.
As a teacher she tries to give her students a balanced mixture of technique and a real spirit of Tango, focusing mainly on creating a connection between a couple, making them to be self-confident and aware of their body, teaching them how to be passive and active in the right moment while dancing.
Currently she lives in the capital of Poland – Warsaw

Magdalena Myszka Magdalena Myszka

Damian D’Arienzo

Damian Thompson has taught in Buenos Aires, Europe, Asia, Australia, the USA and Canada. . Having been invited to perform for many national and international events in the past 7 years, Damian is a well known and popular dancer and teacher. Wherever Damian dances, there are always those that want him to return to share his technique and passion for this great dance! How Damian differs with most teachers, is that there is one consistent principle for leading all movements throughout his dance. While teaching tango, Damian’s focus is on excellent technique, connection and focus on your partner and with the music. Simple but memorable sayings throughout the classes, classes and lessons are easily learned and enable the students to recall these lessons, principles and techniques. As a collaborator in the teaching and development of tango, a provocateur who inspires passion in the art of dancing tango, Damian’s classes are not to be missed!!!
He lives in Gdańsk.

Damian Thompson

Workshops will take place on Saturday 15.07.2017, from 10.00 to 12.45, in Stara Rzeźnia, in Marathon’s room.

Workshops schedule:
10.00 – 11.15 – workshop for couples : “From Linear to Circular ”
by Damian d’Arienzo

11.30 – 12.45 – technique for men: The Secrets for Men in Technique to keep dancing all night with the Best Ladies in the Milonga!
by Damian d’Arienzo

11.30 – 12.45 – technique for women: ” From the general to the detailed stuff”. The basics such as using the floor, its influence on the quality of the embrace, posture and movement. We will work on active and present walk, on the density and “panther-like-ness” (I find the PR obliging ). There will also be a nice adornment, because every cake has a cherry on top!!!
by Magdalena Myszka

The prices (per person):

workshop for couples – 50 PLN/13 EUR
technique for men and women – 40 PLN/10 EUR

Registration via contact page or by e-mail:
In mail’s please provide title – WORKSHOPS
NOT ONLY PARTICIPANTS OF THE MARATHON can take part in workshops.


The amount of participants is limited, the order of registration decides, workshops may be led in English on demand.


We invite you! 🙂