Workshop 2021

Urszula Nowocin i Fernando Romero Chucky

Chucky and Ula, an Argentine-Polish mixture, he comes from Rosario, she from Warsaw, he goes to folk ballet at the age of 5, she chooses classical ballet at the age of 5.
Since then, his road to Poland is full of millions of dancing experiences and adventures, countless successes in folklore, tango and circus art! He has worked in the Americas, Africa, Australia, many European countries, and even in Siberia and China.
She has fallen in love with Argentinean folklore since her first workshop in 2016. Later, she goes to Argentina for over half a year, where she is overwhelmed by total folk fever.

For two years they have been working together, teaching and performing in Poland, Italy and the Netherlands.
They organize workshops, weekends and folk-tango camps all over Poland.

During Gryf Tango Maraton they will invite you to open level classes!
Classes are dedicated to what never before, to what was before, but with a lot of shyness and what will not let you dance chacarera at every opportunity 🙂

Classes will be conducted in English and translated into Polish if necessary 🙂

The workshop will take place on Saturday at 12:00

  • You can take part in the workshops even if you are not a marathon participant
  • You can register now by email also in moment of registration
  • You do not need to have a partner
  • The price is 15 EUR/person

Additionally, on Friday at 20:00 they will do a free open lesson – chacarera intro.