DJ Team 2023

Famous and beloved 🙂
During Gryf Tango Weekend in Szczecin will be play for you:

Nicolas Di RagoNicolás Di Rago (Berlin/Germany)

Nicolás dances tango since 1994 and works as a dancer since 1998. He has taken part in theatre shows, musicals and plays with artists such as Juan Carlos Copes, Raúl Lavié, Julián Plaza, Daniel Binelli, Hugo Marcel, Guillermo Fernández, Osvaldo “Marinero” Montes and Claudio Garcia Satur, among many others. He is also known as a great Tango music presenter.

Francisco Saura (Malaga/Spain)

Milonguero, DJ and organizer of meetings and milongas in Spain since 2004. His music is playful and dynamic. He is an enthusiast who overflows with energy and does not miss the opportunity to make his animation rich and varied. He is a regular DJ in Spain and Europe. He is a lover of tango milonguero danced with rhythm and sensitivity. He prefers the orchestras of the 30’s and 40’s.

DJ Luis Cono Luis Cono (Malmö/Sweden)

I come from Chile. I currently reside in Malmö, Sweden. I am a tango DJ, and an organizer of tango events. I have been a milonguero (a tango dancer) for more than 17 years now. My milonga music is always improvised, with a great dose of energy in tandas and cortinas. I see this activity as my true passion. See you soon!

DJ Dariusz BekałaDariusz Bekała (Szczecin/Poland)

Hi, my name is Dariusz Bekała, I come from Szczecin, Poland. I have been into tango as a dancer and dj for 11 years, so I am only at the beginning of my adventure with this passion. Personally, I adore orchestras from the 1930s and 1940s, although I also admire some later pearls such as O. Pugliese, A. Gobbi or F. Sassone. When I dj at milongas, I arrange the music in real time – there are no ready-made playlists. I always observe the dancers, trying to notice what they like dancing to most, and I make my best to meet their expectations. I invite you to have great fun, see in on the dancefloor! Darek.

DJ Adrian GrygierAdrian Grygier (Szczecin/Polska)

I have been playing as a DJ since …. always 🙂 
I started innocently in primary school from playing at school discos 🙂 Music is the best companion of my life (except of course wife and children :))
Well, let’s focus on Tango. Since 1999, Tango absorbed me so much that apart from dancing, teaching others at Tango Academy, I spend practically every free time either on a tango trip, on a milonga or just listening to the tango. While playing, I watch people, their mood and try to choose music for the atmosphere. I love tango from the period of 20-40 years of the last century. Although often qualitatively different from modern performances, there is a heart and great emotions in them 🙂 I love D’Arienzo, Biagi, Vargas, Canaro, Di Sarli. Well Tango is my life!