Workshops 2020

Susanne & Rafael

They are a fantastic couple, emanating good vibes and a sense of humour, they dance and teach wonderfully….what else could you wish for? I think the only thing to wish for would be to take part in the workshops with Susanne Opitz and Rafael Busch during V Gryf Tango Marathon. The number of places is limited, and some of them have been booked in advance.

Workshops schedule (workshop topics will be announced later):
1. Sunday 10:30-11:45
2. Sunday 12:00-13:15

  • You can take part in the workshops even if you are not a marathon participant
  • You can register now by email also in moment of registration
  • The price is 15 EUR/person/workshop (2 workshops 25 EUR/person)
  • The place ” Stara Rzeźnia”