Welcome on the Gryf Tango Weekend registration page

Due to the very high interest on the part of the beautiful ladies and the regulations to maintaining balance we have to pause the registration for the followers. Registration is only possible for the leaders. When it will be possible to ensure balance, we will resume registration for the followers. Thank you 🙂

There will be four registration deadlines.

The VIP registration – 02.02.2023 22:00  (48h) (with best price + free T-Shirt and chance of admission)

The PRE registration – 14.02.2023 22:00 – 01.05.2023 22:00 (with better price)

The registration – 01.05.2023 22:00 – 14.06.2023 22:00 (with regular price)

The LAST call registration – 14.06.2023 22:00 – 13.07.2023 22:00

You can register in pairs and solo, however,
it will be the ratio of the partners and partners 1-to-1.

Registration already started and will continue to:

The LAST CALL registration starts in

The Gryf Tango Weekend starts in