Welcome on the 3rd Gryf Tango Marathon registration page

Due to the great interest of beautiful ladies in participating in the 3rd Gryf Tango Marathon, we must stop the registration of followers now. All persons will receive information about participation or registration on the waiting list. Thank you 🙂

There will be two registration deadlines. The first start 14.02.2018 at 20.00 (CET – Central European Time) and will last 48h, the second start 1.05.2018 at 20.00 (CET – Central European Time) and will continue to run out of places. You can register in pairs and solo, however, it will be the ratio of the partners and partners 1-to-1.

2nd registration already started and will continue to run out of places

The 3rd Gryf Tango Marathon starts in